Thursday 25 June 2015

A Special Day

Dear Fairy Followers,
I noticed that Buncle was out early this morning with her wheelbarrow ...she was hurrying and scurrying ...
collecting daisies...
and  Lolly was just as busy cutting roses.
Buncle was spied in the undergrowth amongst the Love - In - The-Mist ( but the mist had all gone as by now it was  8 o'clock) and there was a general air of excitement in the air.
Bees - Wax had ventured out of the house and was  dusting the Roses ...

and the fallen petals beneath were gathered up in the fairy baskets. I noticed that Lolly and Buncle's  wings were curling up in the heat and made a note to make some heat proof wings for the Summer months.
By mid morning some flower fairy cakes were to be seen on the garden step.
 Then I remembered it was Twinkle's Birthday and as the sun was warm we held the celebration outside.
Twinkle , twinkled even more brightly when a gift box was placed in her lap.
 We watched with bated breath as she opened it up...
and she was delighted to find a bar of Calendula petal soap , hand-made by Lolly and Buncle and  which they promised would keep her fairy skin feather soft especially if used with morning dew .
Her last treat of the day was to lie back in a bed of roses ( it was  actually a tin bath of roses prepared earlier)
and a particular favourite of all fairies everywhere - so if you leave little piles of fallen rose petals in your garden do look out for a fairy rolling around in them ( if only we could do the same!)

Happy Summer Days...

Love from, Betty xxx

Monday 4 May 2015

Life is Rosy !


Hope you are all keeping  your fairy toes warm this chilly Spring ! 
Whilst my indoor fairies are keeping warm by Spring Cleaning I thought I would show you some Rose fairies I recently found in the garden. They were looking for a nice sturdy rose bush to make their homes in ( they are a little early but do look out as Roses will be blooming in the next couple of weeks and the Fairy Spotting Season will be upon us again. )
Coral was soon joined by Rosa ( in bright red ) Ruby in dark pink and Peaches in pale pink and peach.

Ruby and Coral told me they were best friends and that they had seen two more Rose friends down by the Forget- Me - Nots ...

Sure enough I crept up on Candy and Roxanne who were a bit bigger than the Rosebud fairies , about 16cms I should say.

They were carrying their Rose Petal handbags and were most happy to feel the dew on their feet.

As the morning was rather cold I invited them into my studio to warm up and there I could study them at closer quarters and found that they were very keen to pick up my paintbrush and start to paint their favourite flower ( a rose of course ! )

Peaches was very talented - Rosa preferred to dip her toes in the paint.

They soon found some hot pink organza bags and decided they would far rather keep warm in them and be adopted by a friendly fairy fan than be blown around all summer long in a bush and so they will soon be up for adoption - they were most keen that you see them in their cosy bags - which they also felt improved their complexions ! They have also reminded me to tell you they are 13cms tall in their slippered feet.





And these are the two labels that I have made for Roxanne and Candy , who also decided to become Betty Bib fairies !

Saturday 28 March 2015

Easter Tidings

Betty's Cottage is full of Spring flowers and all my fairies are full of extra energy
as the earth warms up and Easter approaches. There is an air of excitement as
chocolate eggs are hidden and found fairy can resist egg shaped chocolate
wrapped in such shiny foil.

Buncle has been hiding this lovely specimen away in the garden for weeks.
Ty-Ping had squirrelled  this little sugar bunny in my desk ...
I found Bees-wax dusting down the Easter chicks ( and by the sound they were making I would say they are very ticklish.)
She and Buzz then found the primrose saucer in which to arrange the little eggs ...
and then Lolly and Buncle  decided to re-arrange it with the Easter bunny .
 I was very pleased to see that Twinkle was taking her recycling duties seriously and was sorting out the silver foil.
And then I realised she was dreaming up ways to make it into a new sparkly dress ( well I suppose it is another way of using up the waste paper ! )
Amongst all the activity I found some squabbling going on in the kitchen as  the girls were finding it difficult to keep the chicks in order and then Bees -wax told me that Buzz had got stuck under a pile of eggs looking for  a runaway little chick and couldn't get out
( those little solid eggs are quite heavy on a fairy's wing you know.)

After helping him out of his predicament he decided to check out all the  places a chick might
hide ...

and when he reappeared he looked like he was enjoying the hunt a little too much...
The chick was eventually  found so I couldn't be too cross that he had broken into the egg a little ahead of Easter and now the little chick follows him around everywhere !

Lolly and Buncle managed to restore order and wanted an official Easter photo so here it is and they have just reminded me that I have to announce that a fairy will be sent out to Raphaella in Rio De Janeiro ( a long way to fly ! ) Saskia and Jane the fairy lover from South Yorkshire ( if she can e mail me her address please ! ) Thank you so much to all who sent in such lovely comments.

Hope you all have a very Happy Chocolatey Easter .
With Love, Betty x

Friday 6 March 2015

Spring Flowers


Since I last wrote about Betty's Cottage I have been far away carrying out my fairy research, in fact I have been on the other side of the world observing how limp fairy wings perform in extreme heat and how they only come out on the wing at dusk and twilight , in fact apart from the Firefly Fairies of Java no fairy really enjoys very hot conditions . So how lucky are we in England and Northern Europe to have the opportunity to see so many of the species in our cool weather conditions !

Of course many fairies do hibernate in the cold winter months but as the earth warms up you will have the chance to again go fairy spotting and hopefully see fairies emerging just like the first primroses and daffodils that are beginning to shyly pop their heads up in our parks and gardens.

For my return the fairies here got busy making sure the Cottage looked nice and Spring-like and brought in the first  flowers of the year and dotted them about the place... it cheered us all up no end
and and I decided that our delicate blooms are far more to my taste than the exotic flowers I saw on my travels !

Twinkle really enjoyed twinkling in the sun amongst the daffodils ...
and the very small Domestic fairy called Speck made sure that the edges of each one was properly ruffled !

Bees-Wax arranged the flowers on my desk...
and gave them a quick dust whilst she was there.
Once my case was unpacked I sat the fairies down to show them the shells in my collection , brought back from my travels abroad . They all decided that although they were very pretty , they would not like to travel to such hot places and have to suffer limp wings , although they were looking forward to our coming summer where they were certain of some cooling rain when it it get too hot for comfort.

I told them they they were each allowed to choose a favourite shell and keep it and after much deliberation Twinkle chose this piece of sea glass to match her dress and with a Narcissus flower in her hair she decided that Betty's Cottage is a very nice place for a fairy to live and twinkled most merrily for the rest of the day.


We at Betty's Cottage would love to hear from fairy followers, young and old and would love you to tell us what you think about life with fairies. With Easter coming I shall be making some Easter fairies and I shall give away a fairy to two fairy followers who either e mail or make a comment at the end of this blog ... Lolly and Buncle will chose their favourites ! We look forward to hearing from you.

Betty X