Monday, 29 September 2008

Indian Summer Gardens

Have just got back from a week in Cornwall. We had the best kind of weather and did all the usual Tate, Barbara Hepworth Garden and cliff walking without the throngs, it being slightly out of season. We also visited some lovely gardens and I took lots of photos of textures, flowers and foliage for my fairy garden embroideries. I know I should be thinking along the lines of Christmas but my head is too full of lush greenery at the moment !

Monday, 1 September 2008

Pretty Maids

Thought that these ladies would be a good thing to follow my new felt fairies. They preside in my china cupboard and were once handles on brushes for crumbs ( see picture taken from a great book called'Working Women' A photographic collection of women with a purpose. By Jessica Strang ) I don't know if it's still in print - the tea cosies picture is also from it.

A Closer Look

Thought you may like a closer look at them. The ribbon round their waists ensures they can be tied to a tree ( yes, Christmas is coming ! ) or onto any other posing place. I shall be putting them into my etsy shop soon along with some mermaid brooches.

Felt Fairies

After three engineers and much telephoning and stamping of feet we are still having trouble with our broadband. I'm taking this opportunity whilst it IS working to put up some new fairies I've been working on. I feel they are distant relations to these felt and cloth dolls I have stashed in a shoe box ( until I can find a dust free zone for them and all the other bric-a -brac I can't bear to dust any longer ! )

My dollies are made of felt and muslin, tulle, silk fiber ( the hair ) and assorted embellishments. My plan was to make them very minimal and plain but I guess this is as minimal as I can be !