Monday, 8 August 2011

New Illustrations

A few weeks ago I was given a lovely commission through my agency ( Central Illustration Agency in London ) to produce a water colour for a very prestigious car company ( can't show you the image until it's been published - suffice to say I was very happy that I didn't have to put a car in it ! ) I was so pleased with the result that it has inspired me to make more images and update my presence on the CIA website. I have been feeling guilty for some time that I have been concentrating on the dolls and fairies to the detriment of my illustration career ( which pays a lot better than craft ) so with the incentive of money behind me I have dusted down the paint box and here are some of the results. The fairy above is an example of the kind of image that got me the job in the first place. .. I had quite a few fairies representing my work and knew that I had to widen the net a bit for a better chance of more varied illustration work. I have mostly shied away from depicting animals but for some reason I can't explain I've been having a bit of a run on them and I am happy doing them.

Sea Horse, water colour, 15 x12 inches

Partridge 9x12 inches ( might use this as my Christmas card this year .)

Crab 13 inches square
Fox 16x12 inches
Had such fun with this one that a friend suggested I work on a floral alphabet ... will keep you posted