Thursday, 25 September 2014

Venezia !

 This summer the fairies took me to Venice ( well indirectly as a lovely lady who fully appreciates the little folk and has a whole collection of them asked me to Venice to stay with her in her apartment ) I had the most marvellous time and the magic of Venice ( my first time there ) has captured my heart .
She generously showed me all her city treasures and the enchantment has stayed with me .

 ... the mask shops were particularly atmospheric ...

 and I just fell in love with this feather mask ...

 And so after soaking up all the opulance , history,  decoration and the richness of this fairytale city I have felt moved to create some Venetian inspired fairies ( and given them suitably historical names of course ! ) So please meet Valentina , she has a richly embroidered skirt with rosettes around the hem, an enamelled decoration at her waist and cotton lace pantaloons. She carries a paper lily.

 Florentina is next ... she is wearing a silk top with a leaf motif embroidered skirt over gold net. She is holding her very own mask and she has black pom poms on her shoes ( well she is going to a ball ! )

 Bianca is all in brown and is wearing a more modern style of dress made from a a lovely brocade I have been saving for just the right occasion. Her tights are patterned and sparkly, she is carrying a silk bag and her hat is a rather unusual gold sequinned button.

 Violante is last up and she is a vision in pink and purple shot organza and Marabou feather wings.

I hope that a shimmer of Venice fairy dust has found it's way to you over the airways . These ones are going away in their boxes now to wait for the Christmas festivities to begin.