Monday, 6 June 2011

Playing with my dollies

Daisy , 7 inches high Well the festival is over and good fun it was too. In the meantime I have been making some new dolls ... I have called this batch 'Plain Janes' , as their dresses are made from plain cottons and I have simplified their faces ( I've realised that they can look a bit 'spooky' with too much detail in them. ) I have given them glass beaded eyes and softly painted lips and eyebrows ... they are all properly dressed with white cotton knickers ( no one can seem to resist looking up a dolly's dress ! ) Their socks and shoes are painted on ( the latter in a shiny 'patent' black.
The first two girls have one jointed elbow so they can hold their teddy ( which I have made from needle felting. ) Playing with them seems to have brought out my ' inner child' ... being made from polymer clay they have a very satisfying weight about them and feel very nice in the hand.

Trixie , 7 inches high

Rosie , 4.4 inches high

Minty , 4 inches and Meg , 4.5 inches

Milly , 5 inches high

Lucille , 5 inches high

Meg and Smarties

Dora , 5 inches high