Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Summer's End


 My lavender hedge has been full of Cabbage White butterflies and bees all summer long and as it begins to fade the fairies have  also been making the most of it. I spotted this Large White fairy  this morning and have yet to catch her so I can find out her name ( highly scented plants are a real magnet for fairies so do poke your nose amongst them as often as possible .)

 She looked me right in the eye and then I get very close to her ... but she flew away before I could get my net. I did manage to record that she was radiant in white cotton lace embellished with opalescent beads, silver stockings and white feather wings.

 Back inside the house I spied two black silk tulle ballerina fairies  enjoying the sunshine and dancing in a small pot of dried lavender ...

  later one of them was pirouetting next to William Shakespeare - the last bloom of the summer.  I picked it as a small bud and it blossomed over the day into this ruffled display - perhaps it was helped with a bit of fairy magic!

 Having a rest on a bundle of lavender that I was drying was this little gold creature ...

 and once she was revived I found her on the Passion flower.

 I last saw her on this dried arrangement of lavender , globe thistles and yarrow - so plenty of fairy activity during daylight hours still to be found and although fairies do prefer fresh blooms they are still quite happy to frolic amongst dried flowers , especially as Autumn sets in.

 This pink ballerina was looking rather pensive as she contemplated the last throes of summer ...

 This little black one is back again just to say goodbye ... next time we shall be looking at herbs.