Thursday, 15 January 2009

An Orangey New Year

I must confess I have been spending these January days keeping warm in the kitchen making marmalade, bread and granola - all very comforting - and my only excuse is that whilst stirring, kneading and toasting I have also been reflecting on which direction my work should take this year ...  the cupboards are now full and the inevitable cannot be put off much longer _ I must get back in to the studio !

Still reluctant to leave the warmth of the kitchen , here is a shot of some nicely drying rose hips
on one of those cold crispy days we had recently when the sun came streaming in.

The other homely activity I've got into over the holidays is crochet and not realising at the outset just how addictive it is ( see Granny Along ) I now find I'm well and truly hooked ( sorry about the pun.) It is however no laughing matter as I made the fatal mistake of underestimating just how much wool I would need for the modest knee blanket that I originally envisaged and having had to top up as I go along I've found that the lovely merino yarn I've been using is proving rather costly ( It is however wonderfully soft and as comforting as the marmalade and it should hang around longer too. ) 

Above are some of the squares before blocking and below neat and tidy after a night next to the aga pinned damply to an old towel. I've just bought hopefully my last batch of wool in a pale pink and plan to give each block of nine squares a 2inch border - will post the result when it's done - this could take some time, but then again perhaps not if I think of the depth of my addiction.  My original idea on taking up the needle was to learn how to make flower motifs so that I could incorporate them into my embroidery and this is my next step as soon as the book arrives on how to crochet motifs ... would also like to machine over some granny squares - I know it sounds cruel but it's got to be done !

Well I plan to carry on doing crafty. homely things until Spring calls - Happy New Year !