Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Everything Is All White !

Everything has been bursting out so quickly this Spring it's hard to take it all in before it has faded away. I have been looking at white things lately , starting with my magnolia Stelatta
( which as I type has already shed it's starry blossoms and is turning green. ) However this dewy piece of Candy Tuft ( love that name ) is ready to take it's white place in my garden.

Turning my sights in to the house , I have always loved this bone china sugar bowl with it's
cherry blossom pattern.

And this plate whose design is called 'Sweet Nancy', is another Spring delight. This is the only piece I have ever managed to find and as my elder daughter shares this name I would love to find more.

My sellotape man makes me smile every day ...

And this fungal looking photo is actually the top of my flour shaker.

This one's a jug called a 'Glugger' , so called because of the sound it makes when pouring.

Still in the kitchen and this is the sea side cup and saucer I keep my chalk in ( white of course ! )

All this white has gone to my head and here is my latest dolly - the first one with 'real' hair
and rather slimmer round the waist. Think I might call her Alba.
Happy Spring Days !