Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hove Festival House

Here are the details of the new Open House in Hove where I'm showing all things fairy !
Nina Green who has set up Cherry Picked For You is using the Festival as an opportunity to show people some of the work she has on her exciting new web site and I'm looking forward to meeting some of the makers. I'm splitting myself in two with showing in two houses, so May will be even more hectic than usual, but good to get work out of the studio and have an airing ...
and me too for that matter.

My dolls are being let out again ...

And the folk fairies are going out for the first time ...

Also showing will be some of my embroidered pictures ...

So do came along and say 'hi' , if I'm there !

Friday, 8 April 2011

Festival Flyer

Well May is fast approaching and with it the Open House season. This year my work will be in two new venues and this first one is part of the Dyke Road trail and I'm at 53, Kingsley Road in Brighton. It's my friend Joy Fox's house ( queen of the button jewellery scene ! ) Her house is a lovely Victorian one on three floors with wonderful far reaching views over Brighton at the back. Other exhibitors will be Jonathan Alden; art boxes, Tina Balmer ; paintings, Carol Butler; hand embroidery, Joss Davis; ceramics, Judy Dwyer; Dangerous Dolls, Sarah Lock; painted lamps and shades, Peter Neuner; wooden sculptures, Victor Stuart Graham; driftwood boats, and Jo Sweeting; sculpture. Joy will also be showing her new textile pieces made of felted wool.

The house for brochure purposes is called the Artful Fox and so some of us are including some foxy pieces ... as a natural development of my cats and dolls here is a sneak preview of my contribution ... they are all  approximately 7 inches high, fimo bodied, button jointed figures , dressed and sporting  wired and brushed felt tails !

Fennella Fox

Fennella is joined by Rita ( they both wear vintage lace bloomers ) and Rita has soft red leather boots ( Fennella's are brown velvet. ) 

Here come the boys ... Oscar on the left and Arnold on the right.

Oscar sports a blue flowered waistcoat with pearl buttons, a wool check coat and velvet breeches. Arnold wears a kingfisher blue silk velvet suit, paisley waistcoat with glass buttons and a flower in his button hole.

They all get a little work with the paintbrush ...

As well as my foxy friends I shall be showing my oil flower paintings and some large garden embroideries. Just so there is no confusion I am under my proper name of Lesley Buckingham at this venue and all my fairy friends are going to be showing in a house in Hove under the name of Betty Bib. This will be the home of the Cherry Picked For You website that I talked about in a previous post ... more of that next time ! Happy Spring days in the meantime !