Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas venues

I shall be at the following venues this Christmas season ; Joy Fox's house ( see above )
and at 52, Carlysle Road , Hove for the Open House ritual ( the last week end in November and the first two week ends in December. ) I shall also be at the Great Dixter Christmas fair which will take place in the beautiful Hall there, this week end and sharing a stall with Belen Gomez . It is open between 10 -4 and here is a sneak preview of some of the fairy wares that I shall be showing ! Please note that at Festive Fox I shall be exhibiting my water colour alphabet prints and some garden embroideries. At Carlysle Rd there will be fairies and also my dolls and the greetings cards that they feature on will be on sale for the first time.

Here are some new hanging fairies that I have made in a much more fanciful style this year. (£15.) They are 9cms in height.

And in a box with their secret name inside they are £17.

Couldn't resist making some fairy bears ... £20 in a box with their name - this one is Tatiana.
Meet Custard who decided he didn't want to dress up !

Followed by Bluebell.

Last in line is a tree top fairy measuring 18cms high , She is £30 and I have made this range to be very ornate with embroidered dresses in lovely silks and organdy fabrics with frills and furbelows - to hopefully be handed down as a family heirloom for the top of the tree. I always remember when the tree fairy came out of her tissue wrapping once a year - it was always the most magical part of the fun of dressing the tree and I have found it hard to find anything that is precious enough to fill those shoes in more modern times - which is what got me making fairies in the first place !
Is it too soon to say ' Happy Christmas ' ?!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Mermaid Mad

After returning from a trip to Cornwall recently I have been embroidering mermaids madly ! Here are some of the loopy ladies ... Above is 'Blue Maid'. She measures 15x11cms
( embroidered area. ) Below is a detail of a bigger piece.

'Marina' is holding a tiny looking glass fashioned from a sequin and pearl beads. I just love getting this tiny ! She is 12x6cms.

Waiting in line is 'Sea Bed', so named after the sea urchins and star fish around her ( this one seems to have got caught in a current of threads ... she is 15x9 cms.

And this 'Lorelei' is 7x10cms and has a pearl in a shell for company ( I did beachcombe
the tiniest shells whilst I was there and have got some lovely big mussel shells which I have filled with tiny blue and white maids - yet to be photographed. )

One of my newest lines are these little mermaids sitting in slipper shells which I have painted and decorated with little sparkly bits - they come in a box with their secret name written on a scroll in the lid and I am selling them from here at £1o each plus 50p for p&p, multiples , the same postage. Please just specify a colour if you are interested.
More news soon of where I will be showing my work in the lead up to Christmas ... now back to the sewing machine - it's red hot at the moment !

PS Thank you for all the lovely comments you have written to me ... always lovely to receive when working from home- alone !