Friday, 17 February 2012

A splash of colour

Have just got back from soaking up the colours in Thailand ( and was lucky enough to miss
the big freeze here ! ) I had a go at the incredible Thai art of vegetable carving ... I hasten to add the watermelon below is being carved by the teacher , not me .It's an amazing feat of controlling a very sharp knife and cutting from the right direction and at the right angle. I thought I might be o.k at it as I love to fiddle with small details and am obviously quite dexterous with the models I make - but this is something else and it really is awe inspiring to watch it being done by a master.

Here by contrast is my feeble effort of carving a carrot and cucumber in to a flower and a leaf !
Here's a view of the kind of knife you need to use and some of the mess I made in the process.

After carving the shapes are refreshed in cold water - and here is what they should like !
I have brought back a special serrated peeler and will try and practise in the privacy of my own home . I have dreams of a summers day and making an afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches suitably adorned with carved cucumber leaves ... a nice thought to have in the gloom of February !

Jumping from vegetables to the traffic in Bangkok which is notoriously slow moving , smelly and congested , but just look at the lip stick pink taxis ...

... and with all the other bright colours winking in the sun they somehow manage to look like Dinky cars in a toy shop display. I just love the vibrancy of this city but am now paying for this pleasure with the ensuing jet lag - so I hope this post is making sense !

I was looking forward to coming back to making my spring/ sumer collection of fairies and dolls but I've been offered a try out for a picture book - a re working of Snow White , which could be a great project if it comes to anything ... will let you know !