Friday, 19 April 2013

Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden

 The fairy population has been a bit sluggish of late - staying in bed till all hours and generally flying around with droopy wings. However since it has warmed up I have seen a lot more activity in the garden. This hydrangea fairy was found hanging around in the ivy. She is 17cms tall with a flower encrusted stiff dress and long blue boots. These fairies like their big mophead flowers can grow quite large ( I once saw one at 20cms high, only Sunflower fairies are bigger at 25cms. )

 This little green fairy was found by the Pulmonaria  , I have since put her in a box and she has gone to a new home and is being looked after by a little girl called Saskia.

 This little Grey fairy ( 11cms ) was lying around in the primroses and she is now in spotty tissue paper lined box, her name is Delia.

 Petunia is also 11cms and she too is ready for the May Open Houses where she looks forward to meeting all the visitors.
Now we come to a pre view of the fairies I have captured and put into 12 x 13 cm white box frames. They now have their names in with them, below is Matilda and she is £26.

 Rosebud is next, she is always leaping around in her box.

 Lastly we have Rosebud who is a bit more sedate. They will be joined by all their friends in the May festival and can be seen at Cherry Picked For You , Carlisle Road, Hove, every week end in May. I shall also be showing  card designs and fairy garden embroideries. My water colours can be seen at 72, Ashford Road , Brighton along with boxed dried flower fairies - hope to put them up on the next post.

Happy Spring Days from all the Little Folk !