Monday, 4 May 2015

Life is Rosy !


Hope you are all keeping  your fairy toes warm this chilly Spring ! 
Whilst my indoor fairies are keeping warm by Spring Cleaning I thought I would show you some Rose fairies I recently found in the garden. They were looking for a nice sturdy rose bush to make their homes in ( they are a little early but do look out as Roses will be blooming in the next couple of weeks and the Fairy Spotting Season will be upon us again. )
Coral was soon joined by Rosa ( in bright red ) Ruby in dark pink and Peaches in pale pink and peach.

Ruby and Coral told me they were best friends and that they had seen two more Rose friends down by the Forget- Me - Nots ...

Sure enough I crept up on Candy and Roxanne who were a bit bigger than the Rosebud fairies , about 16cms I should say.

They were carrying their Rose Petal handbags and were most happy to feel the dew on their feet.

As the morning was rather cold I invited them into my studio to warm up and there I could study them at closer quarters and found that they were very keen to pick up my paintbrush and start to paint their favourite flower ( a rose of course ! )

Peaches was very talented - Rosa preferred to dip her toes in the paint.

They soon found some hot pink organza bags and decided they would far rather keep warm in them and be adopted by a friendly fairy fan than be blown around all summer long in a bush and so they will soon be up for adoption - they were most keen that you see them in their cosy bags - which they also felt improved their complexions ! They have also reminded me to tell you they are 13cms tall in their slippered feet.





And these are the two labels that I have made for Roxanne and Candy , who also decided to become Betty Bib fairies !