Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fairies hanging Around

 Following on from yesterday's post , I have added some ribbon hangers to the boxed fairies (  as well as being pretty it makes them easier to catch too ! )





Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fairies Waking Up !

 Well it's been a long time coming but at last these little sleepy heads are coming out of hibernation ! Although who can blame them for sleeping so long when this winter had been so cold and dreary ?
I found two little blues dozing on a lavender bag ( which if you read my 'Fairy Field Guide' , you would know is a favoured pillow and so soporific for us humans too of course , but then fairies are responsible for much of our received wisdom. ) They were covered by a lace hanky which they will always choose over a paper tissue.

Next to be discovered was Florentine who had curled up in an old straw workbasket with bird scissors to keep her company.

 I just managed to take her picture as she clambered out - a bit unsteady on her legs as you can imagine after a few months of deep sleep.

 No sooner had I put the camera down when I caught sight of the little blues who had been coming to earlier, frolicking in my Mother's day flowers . Obviously attracted to the delphinium blue , in fact now I come to think about it - this is probably what has prompted them all to start to wake up - the scent of flowers and chocolate in the air !

So now there was no stopping them and here are three more amongst the Ranunculas .

 And they promptly got very excited about the snow outside - I must tell them to put some cardigans on as their little cotton dresses aren't going to keep them very warm and the last thing  I want is sniffling fairies around the house.

 The little pot of French Lavender  was also a tempting resting place after this trio flew around the lounge to exercise their stiff wings.

Florentine asked me to show you her new dress which is ruffled on the edge and nice and stiff so it sticks out at all times ( she also wears vintage lace bloomers. )

I did tell her not to get it wet in the snow but she has a mind of her own and wanted to revive the poor dwarf daffodils in the garden - to no avail. I think they will need a lot of fairy love to make them perky again.

This activity was a few hours ago - since then I have restored some order and the little blues , 7 cms, are in their
boxes ...

 ... along with the red white and blues - all come with their names as usual in the lid and are £15 if anyone wants to give one a home. Please do keep them in a warm place until June. These ones below have yet to be given their flower wands.

Even more secure are  these little 7 cm fairies captured in white box frames, 12 x 13 cms , £25.



FLOSSIE  ( who IS wearing a pink bobbly cardi! )


MATILDA  who escaped from the box frame but will be going back in it just as soon as I can catch her ...

 And last but not least , ROSEBUD  she is full of the joys of Spring - just hope it gets rosier where you are very soon !