Thursday, 31 July 2008

Another one in the series, 'Blossom fairies are known for their bubbly personalities'.
One of the fairy cards, 'needlework fairies keep neat and trim' ( I wish they'd tell me how - very difficult when you are sitting and sewing all day !)

Some fairy art

Here is a preview of some of the fairy things that should be available soon. This is one of the small journals 14.5 x 9.5 cm,
also to be found on Amazon.
Addicted to robots.
Addicted to China


We love these Staffordshire dogs ( we owned one each and brought them together when we moved in.)
The plaster couple are a siurell ( whistle ) from Mallorca and the picture is a laquered painting from Vietnam.

studio from the garden

This building has always been a workspace as the wheelright in the 1800's used it to mend the carts. It has a lovely north light and a brick floor ( filled with sparkly bits where I've dropped countless sequins ! )

door to the studio

I share this studio with Brian my husband who is an illustrator and two noisy pigeons who nest in a box above the door ( Bill and Coo in my books. )

view from the studio

House and garden

I thought that you fairy fans might like to have a peek around the house and garden. In my books Betty's house ( High Chimneys ) has been inspired by this cottage. We love it here but are rapidly running out of space to live and have vowed that we really must not buy any more bric-brac, robots or old china. So scarce has space become that we are thinking of moving and so I must record more of the crowded nooks and crannies before they get tidied away.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

a box of brides

silver shoes

Fairy Bride

Well now that I'm married I can really settle down to familiarising myself with this new ( to me ) world of blogging ! In the next few weeks I hope to have a section dedicated to my cards, set up Pay Pal and then I hope to get Betty's shop really up and working. Just to back track, I was very happy with the final magical effect of my wedding cake; the pale peach icing matched the pearls I wore and the silver sugared almonds matched my shoes. I also made thirty fairy brides on wires that were stuck into the icing and taken away as favours by all the lady guests ( the men seemed happy enough with the almonds ! ) we are now back from our honeymoon in Italy and I must dust down my sewing machine and get back into production ... hope to post up the results soon !

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Meet Span, one of Betty's domestic fairies.

Ty-Ping the Chinese fairy

Those of you that are familiar with my books will recognise Ty-Ping the Chinese fairy who is Betty's secretary. She has settled on the kitchen dresser.

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to Betty Bib's fairyware, my new blog site that aims to update all fairy fans of the latest news and to let you view all new fairy craft work that is for sale. I hope to detail my work diary and give you glimpses of corners at High Chimneys , the hub of all my fairy creations !