Thursday, 16 December 2010

Time out of the studio

And here are those fairy pies - well rather gnome pies ... ( he's there just to show the scale and his olde worlde charm. ) These little mini pies actually looked like mushrooms with their round toppings. They are yummily made with a shortbread pastry which I recommend you try as everyone wants to know the recipe when they've eaten one. 
You mix 4 oz caster sugar into 12 oz plain flour then rub in 8 oz butter and keep on going until the mixture comes together ... then just roll out - I tend not to put a whole lid on the pie
as it is rich and I think just a cut out shape keeps it all a bit lighter and less calorific too !

Moving on to a couple of wintery scenes taken over the Downs during the last batch of snow - it had just started to melt but the remnants of this heavy frost was quite magical. Just waiting with bated breath  for this next forecasted snowfall ... at least we have pies in the larder
should we get snowed in.

And so I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and thank you for all your support and lovely e mails since I've got back to my blogging. My  New Years Resolution is to keep up the blog and make lots of nice work to post up on it !

Monday, 6 December 2010

Fairy tree and well dressed cats

It's time to hang fairies on twigs and let them float , twinkle and do their fairy thing !

These ones are hanging around in the studio waiting for homes to go to. 

I did promise cats in dresses and here they are ... 3 inches tall , they come in a box and are 
£16 including postage.

This last feline fairy is a commission from a lady who wants to give it to her daughter for her tree and measures 5 inches high. Am planning to re-open my Etsy shop in the next few days and will have some felt mice on there - packed with English lavender and  stocking fillers at £6.
Hope all your Christmas preparations are in full swing ... I'm personally looking forward to de camping from the studio to the kitchen and making fairy sized mince pies ... 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Open House

Jo's Open House was looking as beautiful as ever this year - all twinkly and filled with sumptuous art works.  Let me take you on a tour ... below are her carved letter pebbles. 

Next is a sarah Young print , do look out her new Greek Myths book , just out and published by Walker Books , it's full of wonderful illustrations.

 Carrying on downward we have Joy Fox's new wreath made from stitched and felted wool and 
hanging beneath that a wall piece in the same materials. 

Here are also some of her new scarves with felted flowers attached.

Another of Jo's carved pieces.

Sharon Scofield jewellery.

Now we are moving out to Jo's lovely studio at the bottom of her garden and where she holds carving courses. 

This the view back to the house ...

And here are the tools neatly laid out ...

Lastly here is my latest doll , Evie ... will be showing cats in dresses next post !