Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pocket fairies

 Some new fairies have flown into the studio - I am calling them pocket fairies as some of them have pockets and at 15cms they are small enough to fit into a pocket. They have clay heads and cotton print dresses, their stocking are hand dyed silk and they have paper or velvet flowers in their hair. From left to right I have named them Edwina, Leonora, Wilma and Mary-Rose.

 Edwina and Leonora decided to explore the garden ... and were then joined by Angelica who has a different type of wing ( hand dyed cotton organdie. )

 Leonora came back in for a rest from the sun ( she has a very fair skin. )

 And cheeky little Edwina had a ride on the pincushion rabbit ( avoiding the pins on her derriere ! )
All of these girls are £18 including postage should anyone like to give them a home. I shall be putting a little something in each pocket before sending them out.

 Just to round off, I found this lovely vintage frame made of velvet ribbon and then found the perfect fairy to put in it ...she will be staying in Betty's cottage watching over all the fairy activity.