Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn Colour

 Having made Fairy Fern a new and warm  Autumn skirt ( see embroidery above ) you can see her having  a little frolic through the garden with her dried Astrantia wand, happy to discover a lone Daisy in bloom.

 Before too long she was joined by Angelica and they can be seen wandering through the red Sedum.

 All my fairies are very good at bringing back lovely leaves and flowers and every year we sort out our pressings in to piles and put them in a folder for easy choosing when it comes to making more fairy haute couture. Sage and Maple make good partners ...

 Assorted leaves with Hydrangeas ...

 and Poppies always make the finest of silky undergarments , best suited to a delicate fairy skin.

Fern wants you to see her whole outfit - she is now in a box frame waiting to go to MADE 13 at the Brighton Corn Exchange on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November. They are all getting excited about getting out into the wider world ( this only happens of course after they have been around the house and studio for sometime and get used to human contact . ) Fern is wearing a hand dyed with Fennel , silk and woollen top with dried Daisies in the richly embroidered skirt - her hat is an Acorn cup.

 Angelica is going too; she has pink Hydrangea petals sewn in to her Strawberry hand dyed skirt and her wings are made of Sage.


 Bracken is a perfect fairy companion for Autumn; she has Bracken wings and skeletal Hydrangea flowers in her skirt as well as tiny dried seeds and a dried Rose petal hat. Her top is dyed with Alder cones.  All three are in  20x15 cm off white and waxed boxed  frames  and are £45.

This little fairy is an example of one that is only recently habituated to being around humans - she is quietly contemplating her future and tells me she is not sure wether to sit under a glass dome or just hang around for a bit. Her old lace jacket is dyed with Wild Bramble and her silk chiffon skirt is coloured with Red Cabbage.

 Claudine ( below) has just reminded me to tell you that we had Making Magazine here a few weeks ago to take pictures of the studio and talk about the fairy work we do here ... there was much fluttering when the photographer came along as all fairies vied to be in the shots and a layer of fairy dust everywhere by the time they had gone ! The results can be seen from 7th November , tomorrow indeed  ... I am hoping to put it up on the blog if I can sort out the technology !

 Dyed with Fennel is Clary Sage waiting to get a mention ...


 and Lucinda here is pictured on the kitchen dresser ...

 joined by Prudence , dyed with Green Tea and Winter Poppy whose skirt was dyed with Dock. As you can see all our plants and gatherings are put to good use here at chez Bib . All the  dolls are individually  priced between £25 - £40.

 I shall also be showing some new Domes this season 9 more to follow on another post , but just to give you an idea this one is called ' Cloudberry '. It is 29cms high and is quite hard to get a good photograph of it ... it has a finely , frosted embroidered base , little clay birds in the tree , a hand woven basket with a hand made berry in it  and I am very happy with it's magical , mystical atmosphere.

Do come and say hi if anyone gets to MADE !