Friday, 4 November 2011

Mermaid Mad

After returning from a trip to Cornwall recently I have been embroidering mermaids madly ! Here are some of the loopy ladies ... Above is 'Blue Maid'. She measures 15x11cms
( embroidered area. ) Below is a detail of a bigger piece.

'Marina' is holding a tiny looking glass fashioned from a sequin and pearl beads. I just love getting this tiny ! She is 12x6cms.

Waiting in line is 'Sea Bed', so named after the sea urchins and star fish around her ( this one seems to have got caught in a current of threads ... she is 15x9 cms.

And this 'Lorelei' is 7x10cms and has a pearl in a shell for company ( I did beachcombe
the tiniest shells whilst I was there and have got some lovely big mussel shells which I have filled with tiny blue and white maids - yet to be photographed. )

One of my newest lines are these little mermaids sitting in slipper shells which I have painted and decorated with little sparkly bits - they come in a box with their secret name written on a scroll in the lid and I am selling them from here at £1o each plus 50p for p&p, multiples , the same postage. Please just specify a colour if you are interested.
More news soon of where I will be showing my work in the lead up to Christmas ... now back to the sewing machine - it's red hot at the moment !

PS Thank you for all the lovely comments you have written to me ... always lovely to receive when working from home- alone !

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