Sunday, 2 October 2011

Alpha Betty !

A is for Acorn
Having enjoyed my 'Fox' painting so much I have now embarked on the rather ambitious project of painting an alphabet of plants. I have since realised that one starts a series like this in good heart and with plenty of enthusiasm but by the time you have reached ' l', 'm' and ' n'
that energy starts to burn itself out ! I also set out to diligently work my way through letter by letter in sequence but that didn't pan out either !

B is for Buttercup

C is for Campion

Well I didn't quite jump this far ahead ... but have decided to work these 6 inch squares of water colour up in batches that I intersperse with doing other work. Eventually I think they will be printed up in to cards and I'm hoping that people will be inspired to buy them by seeing them as friends and family's initials ( as well as to keen gardeners ! )

W is for Wisteria

R is for Rose

S is for Snowdrop

Yes, Winter is round the corner, though I can't believe this as I type in 30 degrees of heat !
Other news is that I am having a web site designed to sell my dolls and fairies from. I'm very excited by the prospect but it has been a lot of hard work to get the work photographed and the site designed to have the right atmosphere - and then there is the small matter of learning how to manage it when it is up and running . More stress no doubt but I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end. It will be linked to this blog and I'm hoping to have more news on it when I next write. There will also be a card section and I can't wait to reveal my doll cards to you all !


Victoria Stitch said...

These flower cards are beautiful! and i am so excited about your website! i want to buy a fairy when it's up!

Altax said...
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Altax said...

Lovely painting and awesome picture.
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Ria said...

Impressive paintings!!!
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