Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Beijing Dreams

In all my excitement of starting up my blog I nearly forgot to mention that I have some work in a lovely exhibition called Beijing Dreams at the Scunthorpe Visual Arts Centre Oriental figures have always had a way of finding themselves in my work - I've always loved Eastern influences in pattern and design and was lucky enough to go to Japan in the '80's to demonstrate my work in a large department store . On the journey there we were forced to land in Beijing due to a typhoon in Tokyo and were treated to a whirlwind tour of the city and dinner courtesy of the air line ( Pakistan ) I'm not sure one would get the same treatment nowadays !

Following some images that are in the show are some other items of Eastern promise that are dotted around the studio.

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Bev said...


I love your books and am so happy to find your blog! I recently started blogging and your blog is just so wonderful that I have added it to my favorites. It's beautiful! Please stop by any time! Of course, my blog can't compare to yours but I would love any suggestions! Thanks!

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