Sunday, 10 August 2008

Stripy Fairies

Well after an exhausting 48 hours I've finally got my shop up ( but I hesitate to say running !) and I'm pleased to announce that these are the first fairies to sit on its shelves. I am however wondering if I am the only blogging wimp who has found it so tiring to get this whole venture off the ground ? I have scoured other people's blogs - gone to their first postings and yet I see no whinging about the brain power involved in it all! Not that I want to put anybody else out there off from going for it themselves - it's all totally do-able if you plod through each and every step ... I'm probably just impatient and would rather be spending the time making things, however now I'm virtually there I'm looking forward to enjoying the benefits of this vast community. Many thanks for comments from Fred, Gabriela, Cavania and Posy - so nice to know that someone is listening and viewing !


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Lesley, congrats on setting up your Etsy shop! It took me forever to do the same and I had to ask for the help of many other bloggers to get started with mine! i'm sure you're going to be very successful, love those fairies.

Sue said...

Fabulous blog Lesley! Hope you do really well as your work is absolutely gorgeous! Good luck!
Sue Varley xx

Bernadette said...

Dear Lesley,
how nice to meet you here!
I bet I was the first Austrian person owning your X-mas fairybook, for I´ve ordered it months before it came to my little country. But after I received your first book I totaly fell in love with your whimsical, cute creatures! Thank you for sharing them with us.
I wonder if the third book will reach Austria soon?
Good luck and greetings from the Alp-fairies ;)
Yours Betty B. (yes, my nickname is Betty, from "Bernadette" and my surname starts with an B. - how could I not love your work ;)?)

st├ęphanie said...

Hi Lesley, I know it is taking so much time to upload new stock on shop, but have you thought about dawanda ?(a kind of european version of etsy), the prices are in euros, and I got a lot of german customers from it, and as your book was translated in german,it may be worth a try...Good luck with your new shop (mine on Etsy never took of, I think the dollar is too low against the euro maybe?).Your fairies are lovely.