Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Fairies in Waiting

Mo other frustration with this blog is that I can't seem to find a a way of interspersing my text and photos ( the text stacks up on itself and so do the photos. ) The only way round it is to keep publishing a new post - anybody out there who can help ?!
Anyway back to the fairies - all are waiting for the Christmas rush although I do love the feeling of having them horded away in their tissue paper and it's always hard to let them go when the time comes to unwrap them. I have selection of colours on everything if anyone wants to do an early bit of Christmas shopping ! These ones are 7cms high and are £5 each.


carolyn said...

Not an expert on this as I have my main blog on Typepad but try loading all your pictures first. Next place your cursor where you wish to write your text, click and start typing.
Hope this helps.

st├ęphanie said...

I had the same problem, seems that the only way is to make a new post for each picture with text...