Friday, 21 November 2008

Made 08

Flushed with the success of putting my text and photos together I am now reporting on Made 08. This is our local craft fair beautifully organised by Sarah Young and John Tutton and I can say that confidently as I had a stand last year and it was a pleasure to take part as well as lucrative. Not being able to summon up the energy to do it this time round I nonetheless enjoyed the P.V last night and it was great to take in the variety of work at a leisurely pace with a glass of wine . Cardigan had a great stand with framed knitted bugs and these lovely scarves.
Selvedge also had a  stand jam packed with goodies such as this beautifully subtle coloured scarfe by Sophie Digard. The label was hanging down on this photo by the way, I only had the ONE glass of wine !
Moving on to the aforementioned Sarah Young whose work I love ( see my links. )

I must confess I didn't manage to leave the building without parting with some money and one purchase was made on one of the gorgeously soft cashmere scarves by Asta Barrington, just loved the edging and colourways.

Also had to buy a necklace from this stand , A. Keles. They are a supplier of lacework products made in Turkey and these very fine pieces are made by knotting a high quality thread with a small needle - sorry this photo is on it's side ...perhaps I did have more than I thought.

Lesley Stricklands jewellery stood out for me too in it's almost Scandinavian simplicity - muted colours and beautiful finish.

So all in all a stimulating evening that makes me want to get back to creating with a new vigour today.
PS Do check out Anna Tilson's vintage crockery mosaic work too, it's quirky and feminine.

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