Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fairies For Sale

I now have some fairies for sale in the run up to Christmas ... I am also selling them at two Open Houses in Brighton; at Jo Sweeting's lovely House at 72, Ashford Road on the 14th and 15th of November and at the very popular Dragonfly House , 48, Ditchling Rise on the week ends of the 28th of November and the 5th of December. For everyone who lives further away here is a bit of a sneak preview and the chance to buy by post ( lets hope this postal  strike doesn't go on too long ! )
The fairy below measures 7x5cms ( the box ) and has a brass ring on the back so it can be hung straight on to the wall. These open boxed tableaux are a brand new range which I have developed as an answer to how to display my little oxo box and thimble fairies.

Gingham oxo fairy £15.

Sitting Flower Fairy £15   

Pink Butterfly Fairy £15

Green Butterfly Fairy @15

Silver Shoe Fairy £15.

Will put some Thimble fairies up on the next post !

Next up is another of the tree top fairies but this time with her wand ( all the ones I posted up before are still for sale , all with wands , except the pink feather fairy. ) 

Gold Tree Top £48

Below is a single hanging fairy, approximately 8cms high , excluding her hanger. I make lots of these and further down are some of the colourways. they are £4 each and I'm afraid I have to ask for a minimum order of £12 as I think I  would go completely mad packing off individual fairies ! They are made of metallic and silk organzas and embellished with sequins, stars and fairy dust! Perfect for the tree but I know a lot of people who keep them up all year.

Red bow fairies.

Purple fairies.
Shocking pink fairies.
White on white fairies.
Silver fairies. These have got some special pink frosted feet !
Gold fairies.
Hope all your Christmas preparations are going to plan ... if you have started that is !!

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