Thursday, 6 December 2012

Open House Fairies

 Some of my fairies have been let out to appear in two Brighton Open Houses - they rather like these outings although it's rather sad to see them go as many of them never come back ( they do however go to real fairy lovers and I'm sure they go on to lead very happy lives ! ) I realise I can't keep them all here or I'd be overrun with them and  magic does need to be spread about in these gloomy days.

Below are some of my 'make a wish' cards . They are 3.5 inches high and the figures are on thick handmade Indian paper. They are £6 each. I've enjoyed using a natural , lichen, woodland palette
this season and these Khadi papers made an ideal contribution to the scheme. I'm pleased with the way the little gold wings really stand out against the muted effect.

 Just to prove I can't really keep away from colour, Robin has made an appearance  ...

Lastly, just to thank all of you who have taken in fairies recently - I hope they are behaving !

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Belen said...

she's behaving beautifully atop our tree. I must say Robin is rather dashing!