Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rounding UP - the 2nd Instalment

 And so I had to round up these reluctant creatures ... first Isabella flew on to a candle and tried camouflaging herself amongst the greenery and when that didn't work I later found her on the remains of the Christmas cake ( a golden  gingery one in this case as in our house the fairies prefer it to the dark and rich type. ) As you all know , fairies have a very sweet tooth so this was a temptation to fill up before the long hibernation ahead.

 Ruby was found trying to hide in a cyclamen and as you can see she is even worse at trying to merge in to her background.

 Eventually they were happy to snuggle in to the decoration box ...

 And then I put them in to a box of their own and this is their last goodbye for another year.

 In the meantime I have some teeny weeny fairies that are happy just to loll around  in the studio before being put in to their 2 inch boxes ... it can be exhausting keeping fairies - as they say ,' a fairy is for life and not just for Christmas! '

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