Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Foraging fairies

 I keep thinking that summer has ended , when along comes another warm day and fairy activity continues unabated ! There are still little violas nodding their heads at us and sprigs of lavender reaching up amongst the dead wood of the lavender hedge.

However my little foragers are also bringing back signs of Autumn in the shape of acorn cups and dried pods ( feathers are also a favourite fairy find. )

 I am starting to bag up these goodies and the ones below were brought in one chilly morning before the sun was up properly, as you can see , a  wooly coat was needed and followed quickly with a warm drink of barley cup. I especially like the little brown hydrangea flowers which merge so beautifully with  my hand dyed vegetable colours and the Love In a Mist seed pods are striped prettily in pink and green and the poppy heads rattle with their seeds ( to be sprinkled in fairy cakes. )

Down in the herb garden,  tansy , sage , rosemary and thyme are still there for the picking ...

 although this little forager opted for a sprig of French Lavender to fragrance the little cloth bag she sleeps in.

The English Lavender was picked by this little lady who has no wings but she does have a very clean apron.

 Further foragers are these two figures who have Winter in mind and look like they stepped out of a Russian fairy tale ...



 I'm not wishing Winter on or anything but just to let you know I am quietly stock piling fairies for the coming season  ... I hear the temperature is about to drop , so keep warm by foraging !

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