Thursday, 16 October 2014

Back to Nature

 Despite the recent deluges , we at Betty's cottage are excited to see the Autumn colour growing all around us and the fairies have started to air their vests and tights in anticipation of the colder weather to come.

 The dried Flower Fairies of Summer have elected to climb into white wooden frames and take a rest over the Winter months as they can't bear to pack away their summer hats and dresses. Miss Honesty
is carrying a sprig of Forget - Me - Nots ... People sometimes ask me if the dried flowers will last and not perish and all I can say is that once they are under glass and properly dried they are much like a watercolour and fine if they are not hung in direct strong light. In fact they should be called Everlasting Fairies. This one has honesty wings, a Hawkweed hat and a Geranium skirt.

 Miss Rosebud is still quite lively even though all her fresh flower sisters have flown away. She sports a  fern 'feather' in her hat and a pansy centre detail on her rose petal frock.

 Some other Nature fairies have come to overwinter in the glass domes where it is warm and cosy and where they can be admired from all angles ( and all fairies love to be admired ! )... Miss Dandelion has brought her broom with her ( and a rather large snail. ) She is wearing naturally dyed clothes and stands on an embroidered base. She has been complaining that her hair is rather dry , but it does have twinkles in it. )

 Miss Feather has dried leaf and vintage lace wings and a pheasant feather skirt.

 Miss Ivy is sitting on a Lotus pod ... her skirt is made of silk ivy leaves and black silk net ...

 Her hand dyed sleeves have a look of lichen about them.

 You can see all these fairies in greater detail at MADE 14 this November in Brighton, 21st-23rd .

Just to end on a more colourful note , these Rose Petal fairies are still scampering around the garden proving that Summer is reluctant to leave us .

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