Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Magic Desk


It has been a very busy few days here at Betty's Cottage - the Red Fairy has been decorating with her 
favourite colour and Lolly and Buncle have been on high alert making sure that naughty fairies do not open any presents before  Christmas Day. Last night they had to grab this gift before the Cone Fairy peeked inside - so you see it is not only children who are tempted to do this !

 This morning all was usual at my desk with a few fairies rummaging around the pens and papers , wondering if I have been writing about them no doubt.

 Here we get in a little closer to see what is going on ...it looks a bit messy after all the Christmas card writing and all the long lists I have to make and I spied a few fairies not making it any tidier.

 The little tree fairy who Lolly and Buncle rescued from the Bauble Box flew on to the top to  see what was going on although strictly speaking she should be hanging on the tree by now - she looks so sweet that I can't bring myself to tell her off . One has to make allowances for the very young fairy.

Matilda however is not so young and is overly  fond of my sparkly pen. If it ever goes missing I  call her name and she brings it straight back to me . I have given her the task of keeping all my pens topped up with ink as she seems so taken with them.

 She sometimes asks Myrtle to help her tidy up  - they like looking in all the little cubby holes and are still looking for the secret compartment that I told them about (this of course makes it an even more magical desk and all visitors are invited to find it but so far nobody has - other than Auntie Everlasting of course ! )
  Having lots of special little momentos , photos and keepsakes all in one place will give off a very magical atmosphere and attract fairies to it for all you Fairy Spotters still hoping to catch sight of one and don't forget that if you don't see a fairy you are still experiencing the magic !

 My desk does seem to attract a lot of fairy attention and the Fairy Tale book on the top is a regular resting place for a fairy to sit and dream. This is the fairies favourite book and I often read it aloud to them on a Winter's night.

 Before I go Lolly and Buncle have reminded me that we took some photos last  night when all the fairies had settled down to show all you Fairy Followers where they will be sleeping tomorrow night ...

First they had to shift some things to make room for their beds ...

 and then they settled down by the candle with their stockings at the ready ( I had to sew on their initials so there were no mix ups or arguments ) and they always like a paper chain over them so that if it rustles they might make up and see Father Christmas ...

 But they always fall so fast asleep after all their fairy duties that they never do !

Love , Betty X