Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Special Day

Dear Fairy Followers,
I noticed that Buncle was out early this morning with her wheelbarrow ...she was hurrying and scurrying ...
collecting daisies...
and  Lolly was just as busy cutting roses.
Buncle was spied in the undergrowth amongst the Love - In - The-Mist ( but the mist had all gone as by now it was  8 o'clock) and there was a general air of excitement in the air.
Bees - Wax had ventured out of the house and was  dusting the Roses ...

and the fallen petals beneath were gathered up in the fairy baskets. I noticed that Lolly and Buncle's  wings were curling up in the heat and made a note to make some heat proof wings for the Summer months.
By mid morning some flower fairy cakes were to be seen on the garden step.
 Then I remembered it was Twinkle's Birthday and as the sun was warm we held the celebration outside.
Twinkle , twinkled even more brightly when a gift box was placed in her lap.
 We watched with bated breath as she opened it up...
and she was delighted to find a bar of Calendula petal soap , hand-made by Lolly and Buncle and  which they promised would keep her fairy skin feather soft especially if used with morning dew .
Her last treat of the day was to lie back in a bed of roses ( it was  actually a tin bath of roses prepared earlier)
and a particular favourite of all fairies everywhere - so if you leave little piles of fallen rose petals in your garden do look out for a fairy rolling around in them ( if only we could do the same!)

Happy Summer Days...

Love from, Betty xxx


DollZandThingZ said...

How lovely! I must remember to look around the fallen rose petals to see if we have any charming inhabitants!

Ma said...

much magic!

Penhallow Street said...

What a delight to live with such charming fairies--your work is lovely! Your photos certainly lend to a story-like setting. Bonnie

Loran Fabyuel said...

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