Monday, 2 February 2009

Cosy Studio

Just the weather for hiding away in the studio and getting on with all those things you just can't put off any longer. Of course one has to get organised with supplies of tea and biscuits, the radio tuned to a good play and the fire aimed at one's feet and then I find there is no stopping a girl and her sewing machine. 
In the interests of continuity here are granny squares I talked about in the last post - hardly recogniseable under their layers of machine embroidery. I do rather like their soft and mossy surface and must now find a way of incorporating them into my fairy garden pictures.

In the top one I have pulled some chiffon through from the back and plan to develop this idea further. They also remind me of Elizabethan parre terre gardens and this may also be a direction to follow. In the meantime I am  trying to get back into my painting - it's taken about six bad ones ( that had to go straight into the bin - always a painful process ) to get back into anything like the flow I had before Christmas ; in fact this little one was done a couple of months ago - will post some new ones when the paint starts to behave.
PS  The marmalade is going down well on these cold breakfast mornings and there is a pot here for Fred who has kindly mentioned it on his blog !


Sophie said...

beautiful pictures! your studio looks really like a fairy home!

Fred said...

Did i hear correctly? there's a pot of fairy jam for me??

Anonymous said...

Just fluttering through and wanted to say how much I enjoyed your embroidery, crochet, fairies... in fact everything. Something a bit different to brighten my snowy day here in England's north country.