Monday, 16 February 2009

A Splash of Paint

I have been painting away these cold February days - glancing out of the window to notice the sun when it ventures out but otherwise engrossed in learning how to paint again. It has only been a few months since I spent a block of time with my paint box but it's amazing how much one has to relearn after time spent away. I'm showing the ones I'm happy with but I could just have easily photographed a bin full of the ones that just weren't up to scratch ( always painful to scrap the picture that has some nice bits and that you've spent ages on, but no matter how much you creep up at it from all angles it just doesn't have the magic to get it through quality control. )

Iris fairies. I love the shapes that these flowers make and hard to pare down the detail in them ( I'm always too keen to put everything in ) so I wanted them to be bleached out and in doing so I think they become a bit ghostly and hopefully magical at the same time.

Daisy fairies. I was drawn to the delicate tracery of foliage in these plants.

Poppy fairies. Clothed the fairies in tailcoats and breeches.

Fern fairy. This one is a work in progress - haven't signed it yet - always a satisfying task 
as I only will do so when it's good to go !


jamjar said...

Beautiful delicate watercolours, I love the colours in the daisy painting.

Sue said...

You're so talented Lesley! I have to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with my picture I ordered from you. I have it on my landing so I can see it regularly. I can stand for hours with laundry in my arms gazing at my Rose Bower Fairies! Thanks you so much! Sue Varley x

Lu said...

Hi "Betty", I'm a great fan of your marvellous work! I bought your books in January and I'm really enjoying them. Too bad there are only 3, lolll! Feel free to visit my page at

I make handcrafted fairies aswell.


Michelle de Campos said...

I love it!