Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Day Trip To London

I'm chuffed to say that two of my paintings have been selected for the Royal Water Colour Society Open Exhibition ( running at Bankside gallery, next to Tate Modern until 15th March ) and so a trip to London was called for last week . The painting below was one of them and it also had a red dot on it when I arrived (  a bit sad to let it go, as it is a favourite. ) Sorry the photos aren't brilliant - it was either a blinding flash on the glass or dull I'm afraid.     

Here it is in situ - the other photo was even worst so I've left it out ( though it was slightly annoying that they didn't hang them together. )

Flushed with success I headed off along the Thames to Borough Market and drank in all the wonderful smells and colours. These mushrooms were rather gorgeous but  daunting to cook .

Clutching some fruit and cheese I headed back home.

A colourful end to a colourful day.

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Fred said...

Well done Betty! I must say your fairy mushrooms look very yummy! did you make a risotto?