Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New Studio !

So sorry to be out of touch for so long but after coming back from holiday I got completely caught up in the excitement of my new workplace ! It arrived on a large lorry in kit form at 6.30 in the morning and five men and lots of cups of tea later ( 8pm ) it was erected !  I'm absolutely thrilled with it and now I'm in the process of moving in - it's all a bit piecemeal as I need shelves and blinds ( it's SO bright - I've gone from a north facing space to south .) The most delightful aspect is that I really feel part of the garden with the birds and bees buzzing around me.
 Brian is also excited about my move as he will be able to spread out and hopefully it will give his work a new lease of life too as he can listen to the blues all day long and have the space to paint ... we can arrange coffee breaks together and harmony should reign ! I look forward to hours of creating with radio 4 for company and just hope it inspires me to do some lovely new work.

These shots of the inside are looking squeaky clean and zen like as very little of my clutter has moved with me at this point - nice to enjoy this white zone for awhile - it won't be lasting long once the fabrics, pincushions and scissors join me. Part of me wishes I was only going to paint and draw here - embroidery is such a fluffy, dusty pastime and I'm always trailing threads behind me wherever I walk but I really can't deny this messy part of my personality and I will post pictures of the filling up process as it happens.

My trip to Thailand was a real feast for the eyes and I shall end with a few pretty pictures from there  - will post again soon as the studio fills up and pictures of mermaid brooches to come too !

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macati said...

oh I'm envying you sooooo much... soooo beautiful...