Friday, 26 June 2009

New fairies

I have been working on a new range of fairies , with a view to making them even more special than usual ! They are 3-D with embroidered skirts, tulle underskirts , stiffened gauze wings and the usual sparkly bits scattered all over. 
I'm presenting them in painted and paper lined boxes that have the fairy's secret name written on a scroll of tissue paper that is secured under the ribbon threaded through the lid.
the idea is that they are intricate keepsakes that hopefully will be treasured and kept for a long time to come. 
I'm pricing them between £20 to £40 depending on the work involved - the bigger ones will go into some heart shaped boxes that I'm about to decorate - will put them on the next post.

Little green rosebud fairy.

Blue bow fairy with cotton reel for scale purposes !

Detail of purple can-can fairy.

Silver butterfly fairy with beaded net petticoat.

Pom-pom fairy. ( On her shoes. )

Rococo fairy .

Red tulle fairy.

I have been looking at Louis the 14th and Restoration fashions and would like to make some Elizabethan ones if I can face sewing the tiny ruffs ! More soon ...


Sue said...

Beautiful! When will they be on sale Lesley?

Sue x

macati said...

sooooo cute!!!!