Thursday, 4 June 2009

On Closer Inspection

As I love snooping around other peoples studios I thought I'd post some close up shots , so feel free to browse around !

I know these jam pots are ubiquitous but I can't resist them and especially the little ones grabbed whilst out having afternoon tea.

Two ladies wrapped in cellophane; the japanese one is a bat and I picked it up whilst in Tokyo in the '80's - not sure how you would manage to play ping pong with her in all her finery.
The fairy is made by my friend Belen Gomez who also does lovely prints and cards ( I'll post a link up to her when she is up and running. )

The squirrel perfume bottle with the fez hat was a present from Brian when he was junk hunting in new york, the toadstall candle holder one of a set of 6 and the toffee tin has a picture of the Taj Mahal on it.

A set of woven ribbons that came in this dinky dispenser.

The sellotape man also came from NYC and my Wade bird is rather lonely now that I've broken his mate.

As promised, a better shot of the felt daschund  and below is his cocktail sausage holder
companion. ( You can't see them here but there are lots of holes along his back to take the cocktail sticks ! ) A present from Victor - king of the charity shop finds.

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Midsummer Stitches said...

Oh....I love all the bits and bobs. I have a workroom at the top of my garden with lots of treasures, it really is my little bit of heaven!