Thursday, 26 January 2012

End of alphabet and new website !

At last I have reached the end of what has been a very long project ! Have really enjoyed painting these plants with their letter frameworks but have had to have a break every now and then as it has been quite intensive ( especially as some letters have been more difficult than others and I've had to do them more than once ! ) 'X' is a depiction of Xanthus ( cocklebur ) and seems to be the only plant that begins with that letter - a bit of a cheat as I have used the common name for all the rest of them.
The above is 'Y' for yarrow and below is 'Z' for zinnia and I don't know if I have mentioned that I have slogged dutifully to the end as they are due to be made into a range of cards for Cherry Picked For You and will be launched in May.

Here are some of the dolls that have already been printed up and will also be officially launched with the alphabet. They are available on my New Website ! it has fairies on it as well ( I shall be updating this part with my new collection in April / May. )

Must away now to try and work out how I put a link between this blog and the web site !
Other New Years Resolutions are to join Face Book and Twitter to get the news out there and try and find like minded doll, teddy and fairy lovers ... please spread the word !


Victoria Stitch said...

it all looks fantastic! I'm going to get someone to buy me one of your fairies for my birthday this year!

LuckySweetChild said...

not so ur blog, and I'm following you!