Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Sneak Preview

 Have been very busy getting everything together for the May Festival. I'm showing at 52, Carlisle Road again with Cherry Picked For You - open from 5 th May to the 27th May , weekends only.
So here is a quick peek of my new dolls that I will be showing ( also various fairies, mermaids and garden embroideries.) These new ladies are all about 8 inches high and have button joined limbs and this time a soft torso as well as 'real' hair !
The red head above is called Rosa , she's £65. Below is Rita ( inspired by Rita Hayworth ?! ) She is also £65.

 Next comes Miranda who is sporting some rather lovely yellow silk velvet pantaloons and real silk ribbons in her hair ( Liberty print shirt. ) £65.

 They are joined here by Viola also in Liberty and £65.

Next in line are my fairy trio :  Antonia  £85

Note the slimmer figures and these ones ( and Rita above are made to sit on the edge of a shelf with bent knees ) and they all have super shiny leggings as I have varnished them and when you get to the bottom of this post you will see an example of the high heels they are wearing. Antonia has Peacock feather wings.

Bluebell  £85

Pandora  £85

Sorry to rush but am packing them all away for setting up tomorrow ... back soon !

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