Saturday, 23 June 2012

Greetings !

 I have been working on some images for greetings cards and thought I would post these up for an airing. I am making them more graphic with less embroidery and a mixture of cut and stiffened fabrics with painting and hand stitching combined . It does mean I have to be more thoughtful about the choice and placement of materials which is a bit of a discipline as what I love about my usual method of machine embroidery is the happy accidents and layering in an organic fashion ... so not so much room for error here.

The first two are based on some designs I did for a dog food campaign some years ago - I'd forgotten about them until Nina at Cherry Picked For You saw them and suggested I revisited the style. I do like the challenge of finding just the right scale and texture of fabric for the design.

 I'm thinking of adding the words ' happy handbags ' to this one  ...

 These spotty buttons have been most useful ... stripes , spots, checks and ric-rac - some of my favourite things !

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Victoria Stitch said...

wow these are fantastic! I love the way you've made the pictures from fabric, really effective!