Sunday, 29 July 2012

Inspiring Colour

 I recently went out to All Saints Church , Tudley in Sussex to see the fabulous Marc Chagall windows.
All twelve windows are by him - made as a memorial to Sarah d' Aridor-Goldsmid who died in a sailing accident off Rye in Sussex. There is a beautiful mystery engendered by these fantastic blues and mauves - delphinium colours that flood through the space. Do check out their website All Saints Church 

 Hard to follow that but still on the theme of colour , I picked up these satin ribbons with thoughts of
glorious shiny fairy dresses ...

and these cooling shades of cotton for some fairy embroidered cards with children's birthday numbers on them ( to be featured soon. )

And then inspired by the rosy colours of summer ...

 I painted this picture in watercolour ( which at it's best , I feel has the luminosity of a stained glass window. )  It has generated some ideas for a children's picture book ... but I'm getting sidetracked again and one of my resolutions this year was to be more focussed on fewer things !

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