Monday, 22 October 2012

Another Flock of Fairies

More 4 inch Fairies @ £18 ( £20 with a box and name. ) 
All these girls have embroidered dresses , wired bodies and can be hung by their hangers.                                    

Cherry Pie  SOLD




Skye  SOLD

The following fairies are a slightly different breed ; made from vintage stiffened lace they have little acorn cup hats and carry 'natural' wands.  £15 . These fairies can be hung up but don't have a box as they refuse to fit in one !

Twiggy SOLD

Twiggy has quail feather wings, acorn hat and tiny poppy wand.

Pea Seed SOLD

Pea Seed has white feather wings, acorn hat and tiny poppy seed wand.

                                                              Teasle SOLD

                                                   Teasle has grey feather wings, an acorn hat and carries a dried hydrangea wand.


Ivy has white feather wings and is carrying a dried camomile wand.

                                    Icicle is made of lace, muslin and silk ribbon. She has stiffened organdie wings and carries a paper rose wand. She also has a tiny white pin in her hair.

Catkin SOLD
Catkin has quail feather wings and carries a dried hydrangea wand - she also has a pin in her hair but can come with an acorn hat if desired.

1 comment:

Natalie Lake said...

Hi Lesley,
Beautiful fairies as always. I would love pea seed and catkin if they are still available?
I'd love them framed if you still do that, and at what cost, it's been a while since I bought my daughters fairies from you and can't quite remember cost.
Many kind regards Natalie.