Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fairies Behaving Badly !

 The fairies have been very active this Autumn and have been escaping into the garden whilst my back was turned ! I found Camille catching some sun in the apple tree and Geraldine wasn't very far behind.
She was quite well camouflaged on the bark with her quail wings feathers.

 The next thing I knew Pauline and Elvera were found sitting and spinning around on the bird feeder, having quite a chat.

They are not put off by the cold conditions either as on this frosty morning when I found Quentin on the frozen thyme.  Luckily his peacock wings stood out and I  enticed him back inside with cake crumbs and Earl Grey tea. ( A very good fairy bait. )

Pauline was waiting patiently on the gold thread to have her  shell hat and buttons put on. A favoured resting place for her I've noticed.

 These three sisters ,  Gina, Geraldine and Georgette were trying to sneak away but I shut the studio door just in time ...

Hazel and Harriet were flying around a bit and then had a rest on the fairy log that I keep for them to perch on ...

 and were then joined by Pauline ( showing her bloomers I'm ashamed to say ) and Cecily ( she gets
everywhere and knows all the fairy gossip. )

Pauline sat and thought about fairy deportment for awhile after that.

 I managed to call order and thought it best to make sure they were safe and sound by trapping a few in some glass domes and boxed frames . Priscilla seemed happy enough in her 3 inch dome.


 Petra was a bit sulky but agreed after some persuasion to go in hers.

 Gilly followed next ...


 And so they are free from harms way until somebody lets them out. On their slightly distressed painted stand these domes are 3.5 inches high and are  £30 if anyone is willing to house a fidgity fairy.

 Quentin is now housed in his rather larger glass dome which on it's off white panted base measures approximately 7 inches high. He has an embroidered tail coat, lace collar and cuffs and is carrying a frosted and dried cone. He is £85 ( please remember he is particularly partial to afternoon tea. ) Good job he came in from the cold as he needed his pom poms put on his shoes and now he's rather proud of them.

All other fairies were duly caught and put in their boxed frames for their own good .

Pauline SOLD





Camille SOLD

Elvera  SOLD

Geraldine  SOLD

 All the box frames are 7x5 inches  and are £40.

Phew, I can sleep easy now knowing  they are all under glass !

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