Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fairy Cakes

 Had a friend over for tea in the studio today and whilst our backs were turned the fairies descended on to the cake stand . Fairies of course have a very strong sense of smell and anything sugary will attract them from a mile off so do watch out for those tell tale footprints in the icing sugar when you serve afternoon tea ... fine china will add to your chances of attracting them to the tea table and cherries, butterfly cakes and real leaf tea will more or less guarantee a visitation.

I managed to catch Vivian hovering and wondering about which one to land on  ...

 I think she may have some raspberry jam on those lips.

Some of the girls like Lavender just like to pose on the fine china ... little does she know she is soon to
be captured in a three inch glass dome , hence she has no shoes on ( they are put on once she is safely inside. )

 Dora was found in a likewise manner ... although she has her boots on as she is made to just hang about.

 And  Edwina chose the primula plate as the best to show off her colours.

She will also be moving into a dome soon.

Just one cake left and Cassandra stood watch over it as I swept up the cake crumbs on the floor ,
fairies are such messy creatures. )

 She looks like butter cream  wouldn't melt in her mouth ( but I know it has ! )

 Still some left for Little Scarlet who daintily dipped her raspberry wand in the raspberry jam .

It was all too much for Peggy who fell asleep on the doily ...

Next time ... flat fairies for sale ... stocking fillers at £4 each   !

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Belen said...

those fairies are very naughty indeed but who wouldn't be tempted to stray with all those lovely cakes!