Friday, 30 August 2013

Ballerinas abound !

 A little flock of ballerina fairies landed on my angle poise enjoying the evening sun yesterday. After a heavy day of dancing and fluttering they were happy just to be hanging out together.

 They measure 12 cms high on average and are richly attired.

Ludmilla and Alphonso like to dance together, she has a brocade  and gold tulle tutu  - he is wearing a silk velvet jacket with vintage lace.

Rosella and Irina. Rosella has an embroidered pink and grey tutu and Irina is wearing gold shot sateen with a pink tulle underskirt.

 They were keen to show off their neat chignons.

 Tatiana and Moira. Tatiana is wearing a purple embroidered and brown tutu and Moira is in gold and shimmering green.

 Here is a close up of Ludmilla ( her favourite ballet is Coppelia. )

 A close up of Lydia who wears a grey sateen and silver net embroidered tutu ( she loves Sleeping Beauty. )


 And bringing up the rear is Rosella again who tells me she is into Tap and Modern in her spare time.

If anybody would like to give a home to some retired ballerinas who still have plenty of sparkle , they are £18 each plus £3 p&p.

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