Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fairies Are Emigrating !

 Please make the acquaintance of the Cherry Fairies - but not for long as Cherry Plum on the far left is off to Melbourne and Cherry Ripe ( middle) and Cherry B are going to Venice - bon voyage ! They will take their cherries with them as they are made of paper clay ( some people think they are real cherries but only the fairies are. )

 Back of Cherry Plum as she turns to go and pack her fairy bags. Big Cherry Ripe is here to wave them goodbye however, and showing off her wings too I think.

 Here she is from the front and looking sad . She will cheer up when I give her some some cherry trifle later.
 Also lately flown away is Carmen - she went to join some sisters in Illinois and got there in record time by all accounts - these fairies just love to travel.

 Meanwhile back in the studio we have some fairy friends staying with us. This little folky couple have been busy in the garden ...

 And they were soon joined by this little couple ... I have been busy making the little baskets for them to hold their fruit and flowers in - very fiddly weaving on these dimensions !

 The dried flower fairies just wanted to say hello again ...

 and wanted to announce that there will be some new cousins to join them under the glass soon !
Happy Summer days ... it's the busiest time for fairy activity .

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