Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fairies Are Exercising !

 It may look like the ballerina fairies are doing their daily push ups but in fact they are having their feathery wings stuck on ! After patiently waiting ( beauty can never be rushed ) they fly off to stretch
their limbs and freshly formed wings and then hang around the garden for awhile waiting to be admired by all passing birds and insects.

 I have to look in every bush to make sure they are all safely in as it has been known for some absconders to be left out all night ensuing in very damp and droopy wings the next morning and with the weather turning chilly we wouldn't want them getting frostbite after being exposed outside in just a tutu...

 Safely in they huddle together for a warm up... these little ladies are £10 each and are just waiting to jump onto a Christmas tree .

 These two are a little more special ( but don' tell the others that ! ) at £15  - they have glittery tights and  tulle underskirts.
 The little boxed fairies don't want to be forgotten at £8 ( name in the lid and any name can be written in . )

 Bringing up the rear is Araminta - dyed with mint and wearing a richly embroidered skirt incorporating dried flowers - she is trying to camouflage herself into the apple tree but I am wise to fairy tricks now and not an expert fairy spotter for nothing - she is now safely inside and waiting to go to Cherry Picked For You open house on the West Hove trail this coming weekend .

Have just remembered I promised to put up the domes on the last post - will do soon ! In a bit of a fairy flap at present !

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