Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fairies In Crisis !

 A happy News Year to ALL ! We have all had a very happy Christmas and I hope you did too - the only blot on the landscape has been that one of my e mail accounts and my web site has been down all over the holiday and is in the process of being built as I write, so apologies to anybody who has tried to make contact or has not been able to get onto - all should be well again by the middle of next week. it has also meant that I cannot send pictures from my I Pad to my lap top to furnish this blog and I have had to revert to my digital camera which doesn't produce such good images and i have been unable to take the usual shots of my fairy Christmas tree. Looking on the bright side I am hoping the situation will enable me to take a fresh look at my website for 2014 and refresh it as the year goes on.

You may recall that I took a photo of Araminta here posing in the apple tree just before Christmas - I thought she had gone missing over my main selling period and I assumed she was in hiding , not wanting to leave us - well only a few days ago I was raking some leaves only to find her muddy and bedraggled as I had forgotten to bring her in ! The poor dear has been given a wash but she is now due for a complete overhaul ( although I do rather like her distressed look ) I hasten to add that she herself is not at all distressed , only pleased to think that she will be getting a new dress.

 Other news here at Betty's cottage is that  Gloriana , our fairy from the top of the tree ( so Top Dog in fairy terms ) has been having a last fly about until she is put away in the decoration box for another year , it being 12th Night tomorrow ... here she is in the  Vibernum and decorative cabbages ...

 and glowing rather from all the exertion on the kitchen windowsill ...

 ... saying goodbye for another year !

And now as I promised in a recent post here are some of my domed pieces - I want to continue with these in 2014 and build on the idea of describing a narrative with a hint of the Fairy Tale in them.





I am hoping to make lots more magical things in the following months - thanks to you all for calling by

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