Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

 Out early this morning and I spotted a large pink fairy called Drusilla riding on the back of the iron chicken in the garden and she informed me that the fairies couldn't wait for their Easter egg hunt to begin, they wouldn't be around on Easter Sunday as they would be far too busy making magic and collecting all  the shiny foil egg wrappings from children's Easter egg hunts ( so do keep fairy spotting
it's a good time of the year to spot a new species of fairy. )

Clarice helped out by fluffing up the chicks and giving them an airing after being stored away for a year

Pandora whizzed around the garden planting eggs in the bushes...

and Drusilla soon found hers under the wallflowers.

 It was all over in the wink of a butterfly's eye and here they are sharing out their finds down by the cowslips.

 They all  found  little eggs  and saved them for their breakfasts...

 Back inside the cottage the tiny fairies had found their stash and were already tucking in ... Happy Easter !

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