Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fairies in the Larder

 I was cleaning out the larder yesterday when some fairies flew in to help me sort  the out of date pickles and mop up a few crumbs ( one of their favourite jobs of course, especially if they are sweet crumbs ! )
 Fairies are especially drawn to pretty tins so do keep some in your cupboards if you want to attract them into your kitchen. Tilly here was most happy to pose on this Brown and Polsen tin of cornflower.
Ammaretti biscuits in the house will also heighten your chances of fairy activity although they do prefer the soft variety.

 Penelope and Angelica found a bag of mini marshmallows... next to Turkish Delight , this is probably their food of choice and they sometimes will use one as a pillow for a quick nap.

 The fairy with the sweetest tooth in Betty's cottage at the moment is Maud ... she is most territorial about this pink tin and won't allow any other fairy to settle on it.

 Theodora has tried a few times but she now hangs out by the chocolate button jar for a quieter life.

 I know it isn't Easter yet but for  the purposes of research into fairy eating habits I always have a box of chocolates in the house and here I found Maud after all the exertions of cleaning the cupboards  (there was the tiniest trace of strawberry fondant round her rosebud mouth ...)

 By the end of the end of the day all the fairies were back in their boxes and behaving themselves.

 This morning I woke to find Maud in the garden washing off the last sprinkles of sugar in the morning dew ... if anyone would like to give her or any of these fairies who will attract other little folk and are happy to help around the house a home , they are £15 in their boxes. Just be prepared to buy chocolate in to keep them happy if you do !

PS Tilly is the tiniest measuring in at 7cm , all the others are 8-9cms high.

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Belen said...

Maud is a little rascal indeed!